Recommended Reading

  • "Manís Supreme Inheritance" F.M. Alexander
  • "The Use of the Self" F.M. Alexander
  • "Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual" F.M. Alexander
  • "The Universal Constant in Living" F.M. Alexander
  • "Articles and Lectures" F.M. Alexander

  • "The Alexander Principle" Wilfred Barlow
  • "Body Learning" Michael Gelb
  • "Freedom to Change" F.P. Jones
  • "The AT as I see it" Patrick MacDonald
  • "The Art of Swimming" Steve Shaw and Armand díAngour
  • "The Voice Book" Michael McCallion
  • "Body, Mind and Being" Carolyn Nicholls (ISBN: 978 1 904468 42 4)
  • "Indirect Procedures" Pedro de Alcantara

  • "The Life of F.M. Alexander, the Founder of the Alexander Technique" Michael Bloch

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