Who was Alexander?

He was an Australian, born in Tasmania in 1869. His passion for the theatre and in particular Shakespeare led him to begin a career giving public recitals. He shortly developed recurring throat problems which doctors proved unable to cure. Repeatedly losing his voice, Alexander became convinced that his posture, stance and behaviour while performing were at the root of the problem and, with the use of mirrors he started to observe himself while reciting and eventually found out what he was doing and how to overcome his problem.

In 1894 he moved to Melbourne and then to Sydney teaching his technique. In 1904 he came to London, where he soon built up an extensive clientele, including a great many famous names, not only in the theatre and the arts but in every field.

In 1930 he started the first training course.

He died in 1955 leaving to the world a legacy of his technique, the 4 books he wrote on it and a growing, world-wide, network of Alexander Technique teachers.

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